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Based on current supply chain issues and at the request of one of the largest automotive dealerships in America, we have built a program that keeps your awaiting parts customers up to date / status with their incoming parts. We have named this the "Customer Service Information" platform.  

Our exclusive partnership with CDK Global updates us daily on the delivery of parts across the country into dealerships.  We then generate automatic emails to all parties with the main goal of getting your customers vehicles repaired and back on the road. Everything is fully automated and even flags RO's that parts have not been ordered for! 

Our pilot testing shows that a service department of just 5 advisors answering just 5 status inquiries per day can save an estimated $12,500 per month. Awaiting customers are updated with emails and text every 3 days and even have a website to check their status online 24/7. Contact us at for more information.

Brand New - Customer Vehicle Ready Auto Responder 

With our new web page portal your customers can go online with any device anytime and see if their vehicle is ready for pick up. Reduce your calls and emails incoming to your advisors so they can sell more and close more open RO's. All private branded for you with no additional labor from your side. Let us send you your example.  


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